Remember when web development was simple?

Nostalgie is an opinionated, full-stack, runtime-agnostic framework for building web apps and web pages using react.

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npx create-nostalgie-app my-app

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Nostalgie is opinionated so that you don't have to be.

Nostalgie focuses on areas that are critical to every modern web. It makes a bet on leading technologies in each category. In having these opinions and in making these choices, Nostalgie provides a tightly integrated, highly-productive environment to get @#$% done.

// Manage your `<head>` tags, and get the full benefit
// of SEO-friendly, server-side rendering
import { Markup } from 'nostalgie/markup';
// Your app lives on the web right? We've got you covered
// with a full solution for routing.
import { Link, Redirect, Router } from 'nostalgie/routing';
// Love Tailwind? We do too. It just works. Oh, you don't? Well
// we've got you covered with a familiar styled component API.
import { styled } from 'nostalgie/styling';

Server Functions

Calling APIs and server-side logic is unnecessarily painful. It doesn't have to be.

Nostalgie automatically wires your server-side functions to your client-side hooks with typing, authentication, caching and deduplication. You may even realize that you don't need complex state management anymore.

import type { ServerFunctionContext } from 'nostalgie/functions';

export async function whoami(ctx: ServerFunctionContext) {
  if (!ctx.auth.isAuthenticated) {
    return "I don't know!";

  return `You're: ${}`;
import { useQueryFunction } from 'nostalgie/functions';
import * as React from 'react';
import { whoami } from './serverFunction';

export function UserPanel() {
  const whoamiResult = useQueryFunction(whoami, []);

  return <div>{whoamiResult.isSuccess ? : 'Loading...'}</div>;


Nostalgie has you covered for the critical parts of your app.

There are a few things that almost every app needs but that are hard and repetitive. It's a lot of work to do these things well and while you're struggling with them, you're not building your app. Nostalgie frees you from this burden so that you get get on innovating and delivering value.


Your app lives on the web and the web works with URLs. Nostalgie has you covered.

  • Code splitting

    Easy and idiomatic code splitting. You use React.lazy and we handle the rest. Ten layers of lazy components? No problem; these will render, fully hydrated in a single pass on the server.

  • Best practices

    Only the code needed by your users will be sent to them. Every bit of critical JavaScript and CSS will be preloaded. Waterfalls are beautiful but we don't want them in our web apps.


Sometimes you need to know who is using your app. You may even want to know who is using your app during server rendering. Nostalgie makes this easy:

  • Integrated login

    You configure Nostalgie with any compliant OpenID provider and you're all set. You can log in users and know their identity and scopes whether you're in a Server Function or in a React component.

  • Easy authorization

    Wrap any component using the withAuthenticationRequired helper to restrict it to authorized users. With a fallback render prop, you can render an alternative for unauthorized users with an automatically-generated login url.


Getting the right information to all the right crawlers in React apps has never been easy. Nostalgie makes it easy.

  • Manage head tags

    Nostalgie integrates with `react-helmet-async` so that you can tweak your top-level markup anywhere in the render tree. Five levels deep in lazy-loaded components? No problem.

  • SSR out of the box

    Because of how Nostalgie does server-side rendering, your SEO tags will be rendered on the server no matter where you set them.